Verdi Rap and the meeting of two different musical genres

Lyrical opera is a musical genre capable of giving great emotions and creating great artistic beauty at the same time. Unfortunately, perhaps precisely because of its refinement, it is hardly appreciated by young people who therefore cannot experience its beauty. Yet someone has found a way to bring together young people and opera and, even more risky, to bring together two musical genres very distant in terms of musicality and values.

We are talking about the Verdi Rap contest. Born from an idea of Cristina Bersanelli, pianist, writer and lyric popularizer and Chiara Bella, record producer of the recording studio Nuova Gente - the historical studio of Gianni Bella - Verdi Rap is designed to tell young people the lyrical operas of Giuseppe Verdi, giving rappers and their producers the opportunity to rewrite music and textures of Verdi's lyrics creating new themes, situations, languages, and emotions.

A magnificent and original initiative that has met with great success and is already in its third edition. It is based on the free participation of young people from the hip hop world aged 18 to 35 and residing in Italy. In its third edition, after the preliminary rounds, 10 challengers "clashed" for the finals at Parco Eridania, on the occasion of the international Verdi Festival 2019. The theme of the competition was "Rigoletto" and the total prize pool was € 5,000.

Verdi Rap is a very important event from an artistic point of view, as it focuses on young people, innovation and creativity. It is a way to revive "ancient" operas by transforming and adapting them in different forms, reworking them "through the fresh and innovative gaze" of the young people taking part, to use the words of Cristina Bersanelli.


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